Consilient employs a distinctive approach to deliver high-quality research in complex and challenging environments. Through a combination of full-time in-country staff, rigorous research methods, unmatched field level implementation capabilities, and real time quality control procedures, Consilient produces insightful, locally responsive research and analysis.

Rigorous Methodolgical Design

Full-Time In-Country Research Team

Real-Time Quality Assurance

Locally Informed Analysis & Reporting

Third-Party Monitoring



Situational Analysis

Research Capacity Building


What We Do


In order to produce research that reflects the diverse landscape of global  development needs, Consilient draws from a wide range of disciplines, activities, and complimentary objectives to inform our research. We believe that by working across the spectrum of developmental sectors, Consilient is able to bring to bear a rich combination of knowledge, skills, and experience on our research projects. Topical areas of our research include:

Topics We Research


What We Are Working On


We are proud to engage with a wide range of partners from the NGO, Donor, and Private Sector who are engaged in the development of the communities we work. To date, some of our partners have included:

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