Evaluation: Career Pathway Programs in the USA

Special Purpose Review of Public Health Interventions Delivered through Direct Financial Cooperation in Yemen

Transitional Initiatives in Stabilization plus (TIS+): Context Indicator Research

Monitoring & Evaluation for the Somalia Humanitarian Fund: Monitoring of FAO Water & Fisheries Infrastructure Activities

Risk Assessment for South West State Constitutional Review Process

Women's Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) Third Party Monitoring - Somalia

Endline Evaluation: Kenya Adolescent Empowerment Project

Labor Market Assessment in Kismayo with Refugee/Returnees, IDPs, & Vulnerable Host Communities

Final Evaluation: Enhancing Integration of Displacement Affected Communities in South West State of Somalia (EIDACS)

Girls' Education Challenge: Midline Evaluation Phase II of Somali Girls Education Promotion Project - Transition Phase (SOMGEP-T)

Baseline Survey: Responding to Emergency Nutrition, Health, & WASH Needs in South Sudan

Endline Survey: Bringing Unity, Integrity, & Legitimacy to Democracy (BUILD)

Final Evaluation: Supporting National and Local Reconciliation in Somalia and Support to the Implementation of Key Provisions of the National Reconciliation Framework - Phase I & II

Conflict Risk Assessment of Puntland Local Government Elections

Labour Market Analysis in IGAD Member States - Somalia & South Sudan

Analysis & Reporting: Covid-19 Behavioral Insights Survey

Technical Support to Covid-19 Projects in Federal Member States of Somalia

PROSPECTS - Sudan Baseline Study

Market Assessment of Financial Services in Somaliland

Assessment of Community Based Malaria Case Management Activities

Child Labour Assessment - Republic of Sudan

Conflict Analysis: Reducing Insecurity & Violent Extremism in the Northern & Coastal Regions of Kenya

Market Analysis: Adaptation of Vocational Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Programmes Targeting Marginalized Youth, Women, & PWSN in Mogadishu

Baseline Assessment for MIDA FINNSOM Phase II - Health & Education

Third Party Monitoring Services in Somalia (2019-2021)



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